First Hat Tournament of 2015! January 16th Random Draw Results

We had a solid turnout for our first tournament of 2015, with enough people to field 9 teams. Congrats to the 1st place finishers Tim Richardson, Lee West, and myself, who beat the runner-ups Dingess, David, and Zamir in the championship game. Team Dingess/David/Zamir took the long path through the bracket, having lost in the first round, but won 4 straight to play in the championship. Troy, Andy Hu, and Laura’s team won 3 straight to play in the winners bracket championship, but lost their final 2 games to fall to 3rd overall. And in fourth place is Brandon C, Alvina, and Joe M. Congrats to Brandon for a dominating performance (9.0+ cups per game average, 3 game winning shots, and 2 10+ cup games).

The results are below, the final point total is weighted based on final team placing, average cups per game hit, total 10+ cup games, and total last cups hit. We’ll use these rankings to weigh the picks for the next nemesis tournament.

Top Scorers:

Average Cups Per Game:
1-Brandon (9.4), 2-Alicia (8.0), T3-Tim Richardson, Parker, Kim, Kevin Tolliver (7.8), 7-David R (7.1), 8-Jim (7.4), 9-Rob (7.3), T10-Doug B, Mike H (6.8)

Most 10+ Cup Games:
1-Brandon (2), T2- Alicia, Tim Richardson, Kim, Parker, Jim, David R, Doug B (1)

Most Last Cups Hit:
T1-Brandon, Tim Richardson, Zamir (3), 4-Doug B (2), T5-Jim, Dingess (1)

Highest Single Game Total:
T1-Brandon twice, Alicia (11), T3-Tim, Kim, Parker, Jim, David R, Doug B (10)

No dominating single game performances as teams we pretty even across the board.